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Families are all diverse, unique and come with their own values and aspirations.  Listening, understanding and partnering with families on the things that matter is the most important part of our relationship. We believe it is important to empower you as decision makers and become partners in the quest to provide the best care for your child.

Here’s what our families say about Petit Early Learning Journey!

As a mum of 6, I have been through my fair share of childcare centers. Petit ELJ Pimpama has been hands down the BEST centre I have ever been with. Amazing staff & facilities. A very warm & welcoming environment. I always felt happy & comfortable leaving my little guy in their hands & he was always happy too. I personally liked the minimal staff changes throughout the year, which I feel gives the kids a sense of stability. The staff were always very good at engaging the parents at drop off. I highly recommend the centre ~ and it will surely be missed by us. Thank you to the staff for everything over the years. All the best.

– Natasha Martin, Pimpama QLD

My daughter started this lovely Daycare for full 5 days since the age of 9 month, the educator are so supportive and understand new parents problems. Now my daughter is 2.5 years old now and I didn’t face any problem at all, see lots of leaning in my child. Highly recommend their staffs and facilities.Special thanks to Miss Mell,Miss Sarah,mrs Alex and Trish and many more …

– Punit Singh, Wooloowin QLD

All of the staff go out of their way to make my daughter and my husband and I feel like part of the Petit family and ensure that they are caring for our daughter in the same way we would at home. I always feel confident that she is in good hands each day. Most importantly Emily loves attending Petit and learns so much from her peers and educators.

– Ingrid Quanchi, Kew VIC

The staff at Petit Hamilton are lovely. The centre takes great measures to keep the kids safe and stimulated. The food provided is great and our sons dietary needs are always met. We have only noticed positive changes in our child since attending daycare at this centre. I love seeing our son engage and interact in a safe and friendly environment and know he is in great hands! I never have to worry for even a second – which makes for a great break for mummy! Thank you Petit Hamilton!

– Jemma Ross, Hamilton QLD

lovely staff. treat the kiddies with such love and care. they always take the time for the little ones and they always have a smile on thier faces. my little man has grown so much

– LooYee NG, Forest Hill VIC

What’s a beautiful centre to have in our community! Walking in you are immediately greeted by friendly smiles and a warm atmosphere. The children are clearly put first & that is evident in the both the indoor and outdoor environments and the interactions between staff and children. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a centre that puts their child first! ❤️

– Meredith Lang, Coffs Harbour NSW

The centre is very professionally run, they give regular updates, and have good systems and processes. The staff are LOVELY, kind and caring and they know my child very well. Most of all, he’s happy at drop off and doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day.

– Tanya Gilliver, Kew VIC

lovely staff. treat the kiddies with such love and care. they always take the time for the little ones and they always have a smile on thier faces. my little man has grown so much

– Jo Jo, Springfield QLD

Our 14 month old son started with Petit three weeks ago after being with another centre since he was three months old.
The management and staff have been nothing short of amazing. They calmed anxious mum here about some significant changes that would be happening and my son has been adjusting well! The girls are very loving and understanding. They are great at making every little person feel at home and nothing is a problem.
Since starting at Petit our son has been eating better at home and becoming much more independent!
Could not recommend this daycare enough! If you are thinking of putting your children here, you should.

– Anouska Scarfe, Elderslie NSW

I recently moved my daughter from another centre to Petit ELJ Springfield and I’m so glad I made the right decision! She has settled in really well and all of the educators are just lovely. They all do such a fantastic job and the communication is fab! Highly recommend 😊😊

– Gemma Rathbone, Springfield QLD

I can’t thank Petit Forest Hill enough for the love & care they gave my Daughter Lilly! From the day they opened their centre to the last day this year before she went off to school. She absolutely adored every single one of you! If she could do School with you she would 😊 it was very sad to have to say goodbye to you all! Words can’t express my gratitude towards you all, she flourished so much & that’s all thanks to you all at Petit!!!

– Ange Sharam, Forest Hill VIC

Absolutely fantastic centre. The educators talk about my children with the same love & excitement as I do. The centre director is amazing. She organises such great events for the children. She really makes the school. I have been to 3 different centres and this one is by far the best.

– Kat Dallas, Elderslie NSW

We love petit early learning. my daughter love petit staff. she learn lot from here. and graduation ceremony was organised very well.

– Nirav Patel, Pimpama QLD

It’s great 👍🏼 fun for everyone and is an amazing experience for all the young children. A well resourced Early learning centre with passionate and engaging staff. It has great excursions and fun activities.

– Shane Wilkie, Marian QLD

The best centre ever. Educators always in tune with children’s needs. Astrid is a fantastic manager! Always ready to assist families. Keep it up guys.

– Lynnett Moyo Pollock, Port Douglas QLD

Best management team, Belinda and Zuz who are always on top of everything. They are so organised with documentations and all! Lovely and talented educators of all classes, but this year my son is learning from Lisa and Karyn. Petit always provide well thought program from passing content knowledge to providing practical experiences. I love their playgrounds and class furniture. My son who was always pick of what he gets for meals, never complains. (They always plan out allergy free well balanced morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea). I love their monthly plans of many events and their supports for local communities. Most importantly, all educators are always building relationships with families by remembering our names, asking how we are, and always encouraging us. I wish I went to Petit when I was a kid! Thank you Petit Forest Hill team.

– Talia Lee, Forest Hill VIC

We have three children attending Petit, Marian. Staff are attentive towards children. We can drop the children off and know they are in good hands. Jasmine is making great progress in the kindy class. The children love day care and their teachers.

– Kylie Burrage, Marian QLD

I am so excited to write this review. My son started at Petit Early Learning Journey Pimpama 1 month after they opened in September 2017. He was just over 2 ½ years old at the time. Since then he has progressed through Haven, Darling Drive and is now in Kindergarten in Treasure Cove. Through out that time he as thrived. Initially he attended 2 days a week and is now attending 4 days. He has learnt how to be sociable and made many friends and with the teaching curriculum he had developed skills which will enable him to move forward and succeed into big school in 2020.

– Tammy-Lee Short, Pimpama QLD

Both our kids have been there since about 9 months…. the oldest is 2.5 now. Super happy with the staff and seeing how our kids have grown and flourished in their supportive fun and educational environment. Thank you and definitely recommend.

– Meg DP, Coffs Harbour NSW

We’ve absolutely loved Petit. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Hudson loved his teachers and interacting with the other kids and he’s learnt so much while attending. We’re very sad to be leaving.

– Jennifer Atthow, Burdell QLD

My son has been going to Petit Early Learning Journey – Marian for over a year now. He loves going to see his teachers in the Treasure Cove room. Being the youngest child he was comfortable in his own shell, but the lovely ladies have made him feel welcome and loved that he now enjoys going to see his teachers and he is not so shy anymore. Thank you to the amazing teachers for making each day enjoyable for him.

– Corrine Schmalkucke, Marian QLD

My 3 girls have been attending Petit for over 3 years from 6 months old up to the kindy room. All the ladies are so great, the programs and activities are varied and stimulating and the centre is always well presented.

– Monica Galea, Marian QLD

It’s amazing. The team are friendly and makes your kids feel like they are part of there family.

– Raechelle Jeff McAnulty, Burleigh QLD

Amazing place for proper start in life!

– Biljana Popandonova, Hamilton QLD

My two children attend Petit Marian – one in the kindy room, one in the 18month + room and both love the centre and their teachers. My clingy 18 month old happily walks herself in most mornings and greets the teachers with a big smile, and my fussy 4 y.o. son has greatly benefitted from the in-house menu – it helps him to explore new foods with the encouragement of his friends.
Thanks to all the lovely staff for such a wonderful learning environment!

– Kaehla Robinson, Marian QLD

I can’t rave enough about Petit Hamilton!
From the moment we walked through their doors, we instantly felt like part of the family and within a couple of days everyone knew our sons name. Thank you to all the teachers who have helped our son grow and develop, we feel extremely blessed to be part of the ever inspiring and exciting Petit Hamilton family.

– Jess Atherden, Hamilton QLD

Love this Centre it’s beautiful and clean, the staff are all so lovely and helpful!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

– Georgia Elliott, Burdell QLD

Teacher bonding, learning activities and care they provide is awesome.

– Farhan Faiz, Coffs Harbour NSW

My daughter has attended a couple of daycares before coming to Petit, and I can honestly say that the quality of care, the sense of community at the centre is like no other. I could not be happier with Petit, my little girl used to cry at drop offs at other centres and within 2 days of being at Petit she wouldn’t even say bye to me she was so excited to run off give her educators a hug and play with her friends, the only tears she would shed is when I pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave! Could not recommend Petit more highly to anyone looking for exceptional care with a variety of stimulating activities planned daily for your child.

– Alex Duxfield, Hamilton QLD

This is my second time writing a review for Petit at Forest Hill. I have searched for different places. They can all offer good facilities, cleanness, modern designs, well thought system but if I had to choose, BEST EDUCATORS PROGRAM, no one can beat Petit Forest Hill. It is amazing how much your child learn content knowledge from them and also great manners and building up characters. It is not about how parents feel, it is about your children’s learning and how much they put in effort for each student here. It is amazing and they deserve much more recognition for that. Love Petit!

– Talia Lee, Forest Hill VIC

Very Good Service 👌🏻👌🏻 Good People ✌🏻✌🏻 Very Helpful.

– Simran Khattkar, Coffs Harbour  NSW

My daughter has been attending Petit for a month now (2 days a week) and she absolutely loves it. She can’t get in the door quick enough in the mornings. The reception staff are so kind and welcoming. Her teachers and carers are wonderful and it’s so great to see them actually interact and play with the children. My daughter’s behaviour and speech has improved so much since attending this daycare. The rooms are always tidy and clean, the outdoor play areas are fantastic for the kids and I love receiving the weekly menu and seeing what my little one will be eating on the days she attends.

– Tara Larkins, Pimpama QLD

We have three children in different rooms at this centre and couldn’t be happier with our experiences. All the staff go above and beyond to make sure the place is welcoming, fun, educational and safe for all the Children. Our kids are very happy here!

– Monika Mutkins, Coffs Harbour NSW

For me one of the most important things was finding a day care centre that was going to give my little boy all the support, encouragement, and love that we would give him at home. It wasn’t until I walked in to Petit Hamilton that my heart filled and I knew that this is where I would want my little boy to spend most of his day.

Thank you to each and every teacher who helps my son flourish, I know that each activity no matter how simple it may appear develops a skill set a little more every day. Each child develops at their own pace.

The enthusiasm and energy that each staff member exudes is evident in my son’s excitement and love for being at school.
Petit Hamilton definitely has a family oriented support structure and has always given me the support I need when I question a parenting decision or when I just needed some words of encouragement.

Petit Hamilton is not just a place where my son spends his time waiting me us to collect him at the end of the day, it is a special second home filled with time being creative, playing games outside, listening and participating in music, baking and exploring with friends.

I am always impressed with the new equipment, the cleanliness of the centre and the communication through the Story Park app.
I have peace of mind knowing that my little boy is growing and learning within the best community at Petit Hamilton.

– Jaymi Bond, Hamilton QLD

Amazing group of educators exposing the kids to great opportunities and experiences. Very grateful for all there hard work!!

– Keira-lee Sinclair, Springfield QLD

Best centre ever! I have recently moved into town and I have very high expectations, decent size rooms, awesome play area and the best care provided to your little one and bonus food and nappies provided. No centre I have looked at is near what I had with Petit.

– Tegan Louise, Burdell QLD

This is a great centre, lovely welcome from the moment you walk in, great teachers and facilities and engaging activities.

– Gemma Flannery, Clifton Hill VIC

Amazing!!! That’s all I have to say. I can not fault these guys from start to finish!

– Jasmin Crompton, Springfield QLD

Big thanks to the ladies in Babies Blvd who gave my baby lots of love when she took a turn for the worst today. The team at Petit are wonderful with my children. Gold stars for Ruth, Betty, Jamie & Emma.

– Marissa Batty, Forest Hill VIC

The staff are exceptionally wonderful with all the children and they have innovative learning experiences that give them such good understanding!! Love Petit.

– Sammi McAndrew, Murwillumbah NSW

It’s very family orientated. The educators are warm and caring. The meals provided are delicious and my little girl is trying new foods and vegetables which is a bonus! Highly recommend Petit!

– Natalie Newman, Wooloowin QLD

Miss Laura and the educators in Burrows Lane are so attentive and caring to all the toddlers… It’s like a little family and so welcoming everyday he is there. Thank you, ladies.

– Mel Nolan, Springfield QLD

My daughter started daycare here and the teachers here are amazing. I know at the end of the day my child has had a wonderful day.

– Christie Garthe, Elderslie NSW

I can’t rave enough about Petit Hamilton. Our daughter was there for one year and we reluctantly moved her due to relocating to the south side. I don’t know whether Petit has set an extremely high standard unique to daycare centres but we’re currently looking into moving our daughter again because her current daycare just pales in comparison to Petit. The ladies who work there are so caring and hard working. The organisation of the centre is impeccable and Kate the director is amazing, she runs such a smooth, tight ship that I cannot praise her more. If I could I would pay 6 tolls a day to re-enrol our daughter at Petit Hamilton.

– Lollie Doll, Hamilton QLD

Petit is an amazing beautiful place for my kids to spend their time away from home. The kindy program is so well set up has the most wonderful dedicated teachers. Miss Hailey & Miss Katie really go the extra mile to help your children grow learn. My daughter always came home with a smile on her face. The toddler room with Miss Laura, I couldn’t be happier. With a son that didn’t deal well with separation, she & the girls where always there to greet us & help him settle in for the day. Every afternoon at collection both my children wouldn’t be ready to leave as they were having way to much fun. Thanks for a wonderful time Jessie & the whole team.

– Annaleise Clarke, Springfield QLD

The staff here are very friendly, as well as professional. The daycare is in a great location with easy access to it.

– Jhon Hendri, Richmond VIC

Petit Early Learning is the perfect environment for your little ones. My youngest son attended this childcare for the past 9 months and in that time he has grown in himself so much and I have this wonderful place to thank. I’d like to personally thank Fiona for making everything so easy, no stress ever involved and Miss Katie for being a superstar teacher for my son!!

– Samantha Kerr, Burleigh QLD

My daughter has attended Petit since it opened and we are leaving due to an interstate move. The teachers she had have been so wonderful to her. She took quite a while to settle in and most mornings were distressing for me to drop her off but Miss Gill, in particular, made a special bond with her. She gave her time and patience to settle in and lots of love and cuddles… I wish everyone at Petit all the best and thank you for looking after our girl.

– Elyse Feeney, Pimpama QLD

It’s very family orientated. The educators are warm and caring. The meals provided are delicious and my little girl is trying new foods and vegetables which is a bonus! Highly recommend Petit!

– Natalie Newman, Wooloowin QLD

So ecstatic to hear of the new Director Astrid!!!! Share this post far and wide as I highly recommend this day care centre to anyone with young children. Child focused and amazing management make for a brighter future.

– Bree Belfrage, Port Douglas QLD

Love the team at Petit! Since Kylie has taken over as director the centre has just thrived. Couldn’t be more grateful for what each and every educator does for our babies!!

– Brittany Melling, Caloundra QLD

I have loved this centre since I started our daughter in the baby room! We even moved our son from another centre to this one we loved it so much. All the teachers are amazing I love those girls as they treat our kids like their own!! Kylie is a great centre manager as well I’ve been so happy with how everything has been! Makes my life easier knowing my kids are in capable hands!

– Tamara Challis, Caloundra QLD

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