Toddlers (2-3 yrs)

Toddlers make for lively and exciting days.

As they reach this age, they become more active and involved in their daily activities.

From meal times to toileting to playing and talking, toddlers flourish and thrive as they absorb the world around them.

Toddlers also become more independent and develop valuable self-help skills.

Toddler development

Each toddler grows and learns at his or her own pace.

They reach milestones at different times and in different fashions.

Our educators provide a nurturing environment for toddlers to learn and grow in their own way.

We observe and reflect on your toddler’s development using these as guidelines:

  • Walks, runs, climbs, kicks and jumps easily
  • Uses steps one at a time
  • Squats to play and rises without using hands
  • Catches ball rolled to him/her
  • Walks into a ball to kick it
  • Jumps from low step or over low objects
  • Attempts to balance on one foot
  • Avoids obstacles
  • Able to open doors
  • Gets dressed with help
  • Self-feeds using utensils and a cup
  • Plays with other children
  • Simple make believe play
  • May prefer same sex playmates and toys
  • Unlikely to share toys without protest
  • Shows strong attachment to a parent (or main family carer)
  • Shows distress and protest when they leave and wants that person to do things for them
  • Begins to show guilt or remorse for misdeeds
  • May be less likely to willingly share toys with peers
  • Demands adult attention
  • Builds tower of five to seven objects
  • Lines up objects in ‘train’ fashion
  • Recognises and identifies common objects and pictures by pointing
  • Enjoys playing with sand
  • Identifies picture as a boy or girl
  • Engages in making believe and pretend play
  • Begins to count with numbers
  • Imitates rhythms and animal movements
  • Uses two or three words together, e.g. “go potty now”
  • ‘Explosion’ of vocabulary and use of correct grammatical forms of language
  • Refers to self by name and often says ‘mine’
  • Asks lots of questions
  • Uses pronouns and prepositions, simple sentences and phrases
  • Copies words and actions
  • Makes music, sing and dance
  • Likes listening to stories and books

The Petit difference

In addition to our personalised learning approach, we offer a safe and vibrant environment for toddlers.

At Petit centres you will find:

  • Well-resourced, furnished, and purpose-built facilities
  • Passionate and highly qualified educators
  • Wholesome menus designed by a child nutritionist with all meals prepared fresh on-site
  • Ease in our inclusion of nappies, wipes, sunscreen, sunhat, linen (linen is not provided at all Centres)
  • The Storypark apps which allows you to see and discuss important learning milestones
  • Secured PIN entry at every location
  • Natural elements and very little plastic

Individual journey portfolios

In addition to our use of the Storypark app, we create an individual learning portfolio for each child.

We create a collection of:

  • Work samples
  • Observation records and notes
  • Group project activities
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • And more

Documenting your child’s learning journey is an essential part of our curriculum.

It allows Educators to make the children’s developmental progress visible while also providing a communication port for families to share in their child’s day and education.

What else?

If you have any questions about our centres or programs, please reach out to us today.

You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions here.